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Function and characteristic of aviation connector socket

The effectiveness of the aviation connector socket: The key functions are also reflected in the connection of various electronic components. The working frequency of the aviation plug is specified below 12 volts. The aviation plug can maintain continuous working AC power because of its layout advantages, and the AC power through the process is not […]

Aviation plug connector harness introduction

Wire harness aviation plug connector connector products are commonly used in cars, household appliances, instrumentation equipment, office supplies, commercial equipment, electronic parts lead. Electronic controllers, used in electronic products, electrical products, automotive industry. With the improvement of the role of the car, the extensive use of electronic control systems, a lot of electrical equipment, cable, […]

Aviation plug specification classification and characteristics introduction

In modern life, aviation plugs can be said to be one of the indispensable electronic components. They are very popular. There are many types of aviation plugs, each with different characteristics and a wide range of applications. Aviation plug specification: According to the frequency, there are high-frequency aviation plugs and low-frequency aviation plugs. According to […]

Comprehensive Analysis of Mubus Connector

Features and applications of waterproof mudbus connectors: Waterproof mudbus connector, also known as connector and power socket in China. That is to say, two active components are connected, and in the office environment of water, there can be a mudbus joint that is undisturbed, has stable characteristics, and all normally connects and transmits current amount […]

Picture Display of M12 Waterproof Connector

Today focus in sharing pictures of M12 Waterproof connector.Nowadays, there are many types of M12 Waterproof connector. Everyone’s requirements are improved that not same as before. It is suitable for the selection of M12 Waterproof connector for many people. Renhotec will give instructions to everyone. Type of M12 Waterproof connector. Although there are some confusions […]

Definition and Advantages of M12 Connector

Imagine what would happen if there were no M12 connectors? At this time, the power circuit is permanently connected by continuous electrical conductors. For example, the electronic device must be connected to the switching power supply. It is necessary to connect the two sides of the power transmission line with the electronic device and the […]

Introduction of 8 Pin Aviation Connector

8 pin aviation connector is engineering component that connects the electrical equipment. The selection and application of 8 pin aviation connector is a key aspect of ensuring the reliability of electrical equipment. 8 pin aviation connector’s connection: 8 pin aviation connector is usually composed of a power plug and a power socket. At least the […]

Electromagnetic interference requirements for aviation plug electrical connectors

In modern electrical and electronic equipment, the density of the aviation plug electrical connector contacts and the increasing functionality between them imposes severe restrictions on the electromagnetic interference of the aviation plug electrical connectors. Through long-term use in the market, the aviation plug electrical connector is often closed with a metal casing, which can prevent […]